Flies Control In Kuala Lumpur

Flies Control In Kuala Lumpur

Looking for Flies Control service in Kuala Lumpur? various insects have been seen around us. Many of them are helpful and some of them are harmful. Still, they all have a significant impact on the ecosystem. The purpose of this blog is to provide information about some insects that can harm us directly or indirectly, and how we can control them.


The first insect we’ll discuss is termites. These insects are called white ants. The termite has the scientific name Isoptera. It is a descendant of cockroaches. As they eat the wooden furniture and structural components of our house, they are harmful. Therefore, we are losing money directly. In termite control, termites are prevented from entering the structure. Also included in this process was the prevention of termites going into the soil once they’re already inside a structure. This is because termites rely on moisture from the ground to stay alive. They can be controlled by the use of liquid termiticides. Termiticides are a type of chemical that is effective in killing termites.


We are very familiar with mosquitoes. They can have a very detrimental effect on our health. They are responsible for many of our direct and indirect losses. Dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, and other viral diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes. The female mosquito consumes blood, which irritates the skin and transmits diseases harmful to humans. The goal of mosquito control is to reduce the number of mosquitoes so they cause less damage to humans. The infestation of mosquitoes can cause a lot of damage to the health of the public. There are a number of steps one can take to reduce mosquito populations. There are some chemicals that are directly used to kill them (aerosols, coils). In addition, some chemicals are directly used to kill the larvae.


Rodents are mammals that gnaw, such as rats, mice, hamsters, and squirrels. They destroy our clothes and books, as well as live in our houses and cause many problems for us. They sometimes damage important documents as well. Money is sometimes damaged as well. Our health is very threatened by rodents because they carry 35 types of disease with them. Therefore, rodent control methods involve catching or killing rodents. Rodents can be caught with traps or by other means. Rodents’ food, shelter, and water are first removed in the rodent control system. Once captured, the rodents are released into the wild. If we do not control rodents, they can cause serious damage to our property and vital materials.


There are different kinds of ants. Their sizes and characteristics vary from one kind to another. One of the most dangerous types is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants damage wood, which makes them dangerous. We lost our wooden furniture and other wooden items in our house because of them.  In the same way as termites, they are harmful. Red ants also contaminate our food. The sugar in our food is usually damaged by these insects. Ant control means killing the ants directly. These insects live in social groups. They live together in colonies. That is why the best solution is to kill them all. The ant spray kills the colony at a time by spraying it onto all the ants.


The spider is a well-known insect that inhabits our house or is found around us. Unfortunately, they can be quite dangerous as well. There are poisonous spiders. There are even spiders that can kill us. In our house, there are not many poisonous spiders. Even their bites do not harm us. There are two kinds of spiders that live in our house: black widows and brown recluses. Our house is home to those spiders and they live in their webs. The excessive webs they make clutter our room and make it dirty. These spiders are so fast at making their webs. Spider control involves killing them and getting them out of the house. We can use a spray to kill spiders and keep them from coming back.


The flies that live beside us are some of the most dangerous insects. Unlike mosquitoes, they transmit many life-threatening diseases. One of the deadliest are fruit flies. Bacteria sit on it and spread, contaminating our foods, thereby causing diseases such as cholera, conjunctivitis, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Fly control involves killing the insects directly. Flies are very harmful for our health, so the chemicals we use directly kill them. Proper sanitation can also be used to control fly populations.

Bed bugs:

The bed bug problem is well known. You can lose a good night’s sleep because of it. The bed bug is a small, brownish insect that lives by the body fluids of humans and animals. Their bites do not cause serious health issues, but they can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Their bites cause irritation during sleep and make us feel itchy. We can control bedbugs by killing them. Using diluted rubbing alcohol to kill bed bugs is an effective method. If you wash the bed with hot water, you will also get rid of their eggs and larvae. Heating the mattress is the most effective way of killing bed bugs.


Bees are generally useful to humans. Honey is produced by honey bees, however honey bees can cause harm when people attract their hive. It is very painful to get stung by a bee because their sting contains venom. Our house has some bees that attack us on occasion with their stings. Bee stings also cause allergic reactions. Getting rid of bees is the most effective means of controlling them. The hive of a bee must be removed completely from the house in order to remove bees. It is, however, risky work since bees protect their hives very fiercely. You can call for services associated with removing bee hives.

If you want to remove these insects from your house effectively and properly, you must hire professionals. Fortunately, we are professionals and have years of experience in this area.  If you are looking for Pest Control in Klang Valley, Selangor, contact us. Let us provide the best service for you.

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